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Responsible medic awares that newborn needs special care. How to care for a baby - any parent worries. A lot of questions which worry to each mum and father - as to wean a child sucking tongue . Questions as to wean a child from sickness is very influential. Occasionally aparents lack the skills and information how to disaccustom a child from the mother . Sometimes extremely important time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your child still may not take maintenance of themselves and so in need of care parent. Particular attention should be given to schedule for and nursing. After a birth of a baby require doctor maintenance. Thoroughly wash your baby in the evening. Special note should be given to child health.

What to nourish a child 7 months

Add the gruel a cutoff of butter, some 6 g.

In gruel, may be added cut into slices raspberries.

At the first breakfast child may offer 0.5 of egg yolk.

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